Thursday, 15 September 2011

The crossdress Wedding...the week of crossdressing...4

Ajay was ready to visit to the nomad village.But he was afraid of traps.Girls were left him alone but two girls were after him to the reaction of Ajay. There were a long jouney by foot,it may take an hour exactly.Ajay was facing much difficulty because girls covered his whole face by the pallu of saree and walking barefoot was more difficult so he faced difficulty to see the way. His jwellery make a cute noise spacially the bangles and anklets.Ten minute passed for walking on the typical way. A tall man stopped his way. He asked him ,"Who are you and what are you doing here?"(Koun hai tu aur yahan kya kar rahi hai) Ajay was shocked to see him but he remember that girls set traps for him. That man looked that he drink so much. So he answered,"I am ajaya and lived in nomad village."(Ji mai Ajaya hoon aur banjare gaanv me rahti hoon) The man asked again,"Why are you covering your face, show me?"(Tune apna sundar chehra kyon chipa rakha hai,dikha ise) Ajay answered that he could not saw any person his face.(Ji main aapko apna chehra nahi dikha sakti, mujhe maaf kariye aur aap jaaye yahan se) That man issist to show the face and said the loving words to him.(Are meri jaan chehra to dikhana padega nahi to main jabardasti dekh lunga aur waise bhi tu is dress me sexy lag rahi hai) Ajay said that he drank so much so leave him but he grab his arm and his grip was too strong.So Ajay was struggling for leaving his arm.(Please aap mujhe chod dijye,Aapne bahut pee rakhi hai aur Aap chale jaayie) But that man try to rape him so he forced Ajay to the ground and grab his arm with his hands and starting kissing to him on his neck.(Aise kaise chod du aaj to mausam bhi hai,sunsaan rasta hai aaj to puri kasar kar dunga). But suddenly a bunch of the tree hit his head and he fell down to the road.Two friends of Sangeeta who was following him said Ajay that it was not the part of trap and this was too much so come with us and went to village. This was relax Ajay for the traps but he was in horror when he face that man. Then the girls took him inthe house and Sangeeta told him to sleep and also rememberise that we should get up early for preapation.After lie down on the bed Ajay get relax that tomarrow the last day and it would be now complete. At early morning Sangeeta wake up Ajay and said to take a bath and came in the room. Ajay did as Sangeeta say after bathed he went to the room and there were all girls waiting for him. Where the bridal dress waiting for him and girls dress him in the dress. Dress was red and very heavy as the bridal dress should be. The other thing of the dress was a lot of work on it by resham,embroidary and gota etc. When the dressing complete,The time was for make up and jwellery.It was not a new exprience for Ajay but he feel that girld did a very heavy make up and then they dressed him heavy jwellary like bangles,anklets,earrings,neckless and other important things that were necessary. When everything almost complete and Ajay looked as a hilarious bride that day.

Ajay sas now totally changed as bride. He really knew the first time when he was walking to his marriage that how difficult to wear bridal dress such a long time. When he saw Sangeeta in a groom dress,she was looking great in sherwani. The marriage become a different style.There was a huge statue of their God and infront of him Sangeeta tied mangalsutara around his neck.She also applied sindoor on his forhead. When it is completed they took a promise to lived each other.
Then Ajay and Sangeeta marriage completed. This was a unusal experience of Ajay and The suhaagraat scene was totally opposite as normal. In the Suhaagraat bed everything was changed except clothes but Ajay took a promise to Sangeeta that she will also took part of their marriage again in front of his relatives. After it they lived happily and Ajay start crossdressing on this week but only in front of Sangeeta.

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