Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The crossdress Wedding...the week of crossdressing...2

When they reached there they are in normal dress.But the first thing seeing by Ajay that there was more than hundread members and they were celebrate this crossdressing festival.All person as childrans,married couple and also the old person crossdressed. When they saw Sangeeta family.They welcomed them and said to enjoy the festival. Sangeeta told them that Ajay was his lover and they came there for marriage. Hearing this all person of the group be happy and say Ajay to crossdress.Ajay was some norvous and standing on his place. Then Sangeeta call some girls who was looking beautiful in male dress and say something in his ear.All of them came to Ajay and said to him to come with them. Sangeeta said Ajay that Now they dressed you in girls clothes and She was eagerly waiting to see him in a dress.
Now Girls took him in a hut. Ajay sat on the wooden stool and all girls about fifteen in numbers,said Ajay to take bath and shave all his body hair. Ajay was confuse and asked about the reason of removing hair. He said that all other person did not do that.But the girls had answer of this question.They said that he was the one whose marriage held after two days. So if you be a bride then you look be preety of all others. Ajay had not any question to them. He did that all girls said to him. All girls was waiting of his bath complete. They put a pair of bra and panty to him. He wore panty and call the girls. When girls came inside,they inspect him and help him of wearing bra.After it they show him saree that they took for him.Blue embroidery net saree,looking so sexy and there was no doubt that who wore that saree looking gorgeous.Ajay said to the girls that it was his first time when he wore bra and panty. Bra was some tight on his chest but he bears it.They fill the cups of bra with foam pad and dress him in blue petticoat. They tied it tightly to his waist.Then the next item was blouse. They dressed him also and tied the blouse lace at back.Blouse arm also had lace so it was also tied tightly. Then they dress him in saree.They pinned the pallu of saree at his left souldier.When it complete girls did his little make up.But they thin his eye bro and use some special make up that he did not know.They did his lipstick and the result of make up was beautiful. After it they want to pierce his ears and nose but Ajay struggle of doing that. But all girls did it forcely because it is necessary for him.After it they wore him a preety dangling earrings. Then they tried some wigs on his head. Wigs was available because of crossdressing week. Finally they select a wig and adjust on his head. When it was complete they show him in mirror when he saw himself he was speechless to see the beauty. Ajay complaint that the dress was too tight. All girls laughed and a girl said him,"This is some fun by us after all we are your sali jeeju."Ajay was struggling in tight blouse and petticoat but he bear that pain. Then all girls said that Now the rest things was dressed by Sangeeta and they went out of the hut.But Sangeeta was eagerly waiting of him so she call him outside.

First Ajay was not coming outside but Sangeeta call him again and again then he came outside but seeing more persons,he still staood on door and being shyness he downed his head. Sangeeta also was very happy to see him and took a laugh then all persons laughed also.Seeing him humliate he ran away inside. After some minute Sangeeta came inside and ask him about the feel of crossdressing. Ajay said that it was his first time and it was looking so strange. He said that he also knew that he was looking beautiful in this saree but he had a problem that girls did fun with me and they tied all things very tightly.Sangeeta had a smile and kiss on his cheeks. She said that he had to bear that pain because it was sweet like him and then she said that he had still to wear jwellery. Ajay said that this is wrong now. But Sangeeta opened the box of bangles and she dressed him in glassbangles and each hands cover more than tweny five. All bangles was blue and Ajay had another feeling by the sound of bangles and he tried to stop that sound but each of his move had more sound. He said that this noise irritate him but when he complained he got a kiss from sangeeta. Then the anklet take his attention.When he saw it on Sangeeta's hand it looking broud and heavy and had a nuber of tiny sound ball and it rangs on Sangeeta's hand. She wore him in bangles. Then the turn of neckless,a beauty of this the blue stone neckless that look cute on his neck. When it complete she used a short round nosering at his nose hole. After it she did his one hand nails painting and said to do himself another. He did it himself then did all his toenails also. When all things complete,first time Sangeeta gave him lip kiss and said in his ears that he was looking beautiful more than she and she was jelous with him.
That day he did not coming out of the hut but the tightness itching tolarate him everytime.In the night he face difficulty in sleeping in saree.He cant manage these things because it was a opposite experience to him.When he wake up next day he want to go toilet but he did not knew how to manage saree for it. He tried to lift saree upside but he cant did it then he first remove his panty and thet lift the saree but he had to do it in sitting position then he wanted to take bath so he untied his saree but he could not undo his blouse lace at backside. He see for help but nobody was there. Then she call on Sangeeta mobile and said her to help. She came and helped him in undressing blouse and bra. Then she select a churidar salwaar kameez for him then after bathing she dressed him in that salwaar kameez. Result was again rocking because Ajay was looking more attractive in ladies costume. Ajay also reallize that. After that Sangeeta said for preparartion for the marriage.
That day All girls also came in that hut and applied hina on his hands and legs.But in the middle they pinch him by irritating comments.Like he would not see any boy in dulhan's dress and Jeeju makes bride as other comments.In these comments Girls reallize that He became shy so they did more comments. So all preparation set for next day but Ajay did not look prepared for this. Sangeeta reallize that he did not live that New version of him. So she did a trick to show him that it was a great day in his life. So she said all girls to take him outside in a lonely place and humiliate him as he left all his shyness.
All girls came and said him to outing but Ajay refuse. Girls could not hear anything and they took him outside by force. Ajay wanted to shout but girls cover his mouth with their hands. Sangeeta saw everything in hiding place. She was laughing to see this.. Then girls took him to the opposite of mountain. There was a historical place some old and destroyed. Ajay was relesed there by girls. Ajay asked Why the girls take him forcely there. Girls said that they want to know that he can happy to their friend Sangeeta after marriage. Ajay asked how do they knew this. Girls said that you passed some test for proving this. Ajay was shocked about test and asked what type. They said to wait for sometime.


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