Monday, 6 October 2014


One day me and my sister alone in the house. Our parents went to other town for attending a marriage.My age is 14 and she was 18.  She called some of her friends in home for fun. For this I was a little angry on her because I did not use to watch TV or any fun because of she and her friends.
I was getting  bored so I asked my sister two times to watch TV but she ignore me completely. Then I shout in loud voice that I was feeling bored and I want to watch TV . This make angry to my sister because I shout on her in front of her friends. She said that if I was bored then play with them. I told that I am not interested to play her girly games. One of her friend asked to my sister what's wrong with me. My sis had a wicked smile and said that I did not want to play with them because I am not a girl. Her friend understood what my sister wanted. My sister said to her friend that each of us play a game in childhood dress up doll so today we have a doll to dress up.
When I understood something the girls grabbed my arms and then my sister told me that I was her doll and she dressed me in girls clothes. So she went to her closet and took out one of her old lehenga choli. It was blue and looking same size for me.Then all girls undressed me and first dressed me in bra and panty. Then dressed me in the dresse. The dress was heavy then she did my make up and put a wig on me. After that I was a toy for her and her friends. Then my sister said that now I did not bored and I have also play her girly games....
I got angry from her by dressing me by force and I tried to start undressing the dress but the girls saw that and tied my arms at my back with the dupatta of the dress. I start shouting for help but the girls said that they tied my mouth also if I shout. They played with me in the whole evening and when they went away I had to sleep in that dress in night.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


There were three boys in a dancing group of college. But because of this they had an ego that they were the best dancer of the college. Due to their dancing skill they were rude in behavior also. These things going on but they did not know what was coming in their life.
One day they faced a group of girls in the college and the chat became horrible because of their rude behavior. The discussion stay on their dancing skill and they knew they were perfect. The girls asked that they were agree in any condition. The boys answered positively. Then the girls said that they had to bet on this that they did dance on the condition told by girls. The boys asked about the winning things of the bet. The girls said that if they lost then they had to live with them in the girls hostel for five days. The boys said that if the girls lost the bet then they choose any three girls to date them for one month. Everyone was sure on their win so the bet was set. The boys asked about the condition of dance. Then the girls took some time for setting the hardest condition of their dance.
The girls discussed for one hour. Then they said to them that they had a grand ladies music function of Shruti house after five days and they had to dance there. The boys said that this was easy and they did it easily. The girls laughed at them and said that they had not finished it yet. They said that they did not told about the condition yet. They said that because it was the ladies music function so that only girls would be enter or perform. So the condition is that they had to perform to dress in ladies dress and also dance on ladies song and all of girls see their great dancing skill.
The boys stunned to hear this. They had no words to say. But the girls did not finished yet. After this the girls said that it was the decision of boys that they would come before two days her home with them or the the same day in the morning. Then they said that if they went with them they had to live being a girl or if they came function's day then they had to go with them to be a girl. So the boys had to decide that they would be a girl two day before or the same day. The girls even said that if they lost the bet then also they had to live in the hostel of being a girl because no boy would enter in their hostel. The boys were stuck in their huge words and they had no choice. If they choose to dance in music function, they had to wear girls dress or if they choose another option to loose the bet, they had to dress up. They tried his best to say that how they perform on ladies song because they had not do this before so they requested that the girls should gave them another condition. But the girls did not hear them.
The girls said that the boys had only a plus point that nobody know them there and they promised that they did not tell anyone. The girls gave them one relax that if they did not prepared ladies dance then they would caught by ladies so on that situation they would dance on male song wearing girls dress but on this they lost the bet and nobody recognize them that they were boys.
At last the boys told them that they would come in the morning of functions day. Because the boys knew that if they did not win they had to spend five days as girl in their hostel and there they would be in bad situation. There they would be on their mercy and the girls did what they want.So the boys start to practice the dance on ladies song. But they did not perform well as girl. They tried their level best to do the dance on ladies song but all things went wrong. It may not be the problem of their dancing skill. If they tried they would do it but they were afraid of the dressing and perform in front of ladies. The fear was not only performing the dance like that but the problem was the recognizing them. If the ladies knew that they were boys then what would happen there. So the boys decided that they would go the function and meet the girls and accept their defeat.
On the function day morning they went her home and they call the girls by mobile. All the girls came and they were looking excited to feminize them. But the boys said that they did not perform and they accept their defeat. The girls were not happy on this and they said that they had to perform. The girls said that if they accept their defeat on the first day then it would not happen. Now they had to dance because they told everyone that three dancer of their college came and perform in the function. Now the boys were again shocked because they did not stuck such situation like that. The girls said that they would perform on male song but they had to perform. The girls said that now the fun begins so get ready boys to wear half saree. They took them in a hotel their the girls stayed and they had all the preparation. Then they ordered to the boys for a bath and shaving their body hair. The boys said that they did not shave their hair. But the girls told them now they had to do it because in the hostel they would do it by force. So the boys do as the girls said. After bathed the girls gave them panty to wear and it felt so silky on their skin. Then the gurls blindfold all three boys and the girls devided in three group. All three groups took his boy and went the separate rooms. So each boy was alone with the girls. There the girls did their full make over. The processing of their makeover was very fast because more than four or five girls did work at the same time on them. When it was completed all boys took in the main room again. Then all the boys released from blindfolds and they saw the work of girls on their body. One boy was dressed in red and green half saree, another was in blue and the third was in violet color half saree. All of them had good make up and they felt feminine things. Everyone was in broad waistbands, bangles, necklace, earrings, mang tika and anklets. All of them had a wig combed in signal pigtail above their head. Then they saw their reflection in the mirror after watching each other. This was shocking to boys to see their girly face in the mirror.
Seeing that the boys had huge request not to do this and they were start crying. But the girls said that they had to do this because the things that the girls told them was more shocking than dancing in function. The boys had no idea what the girl were saying. The girls said that they had two shocking things to told them. First was that the girls glued the fake breasts and the wig with permanent glue. Also they glued the dresses knots and pinning area. The girls said that this precautions was taken because they did not want that the boys ran away. First this that only the girls released them from gluing things and second they had to go with them directly to the hostel from here.
The second shocking things that the girls made their video from their make over to till now. So the girls said that from now they were the incharge of the boys and they had to do anything that the girls told them. The boys were helpless, shocked and had no words to tell. They asked to the girls that this was not in the bet and they did not do this. But now the girls was on top and they did not hear anything of the boys. The girls said that they did anything to them now because they lost the bet. So the girls first order from the girls came that the boys had to get on their knees and touch each girls feet and said to each girl that she win the bet and now they would do anything told by her because she was superior in all thing than them. The boys start looking each other faces and there were more than twenty girls. One senior girl came to them and push their soldier to make them into their knee. Then she said that if they did not start it now then every girl slapped them also after they touch her feet. Hearing this the boys start at once which was told to them. After that they took them to the function and their every boy sent to the back stage and said that when their number came they would call them one by one. The girls asked the boys song from them also. Now the girl who pushed them into their knee came to the stage and said in the mike. She said that she had three dancer from their college and they would dance on boys song because the girls dance was easy to them. So the first relax came from the girls to the boys. Now they perform their dance as they could but because of the weight of boobs and jewelry it was an average performance.
After that the girls took them in the hotel and their the boys had some relax and took rest till morning. But the girls were very excited on the coming five days. The hostel story was coming in next part....

Monday, 18 August 2014


My name is Mohit and I was a secret cross-dress last four years. Then my dream life began with my marriage. I married to Archana and we were happy each other. I had a job another city so we did not live together. After some months the company gave me family room and we shift in that room.
Now the wish about my crossdressing fulfilled because every body knew that on the first year of marriage every festival,wife would be celebrate at her home and I would not come often with her. So the empty room and her dress I am in heaven. But my enjoyment was a little poor because I could not be dressed perfectly so I want that my wife dressed me in saree or something and I had an idea.
I requested to my wife that I want to see her in jeans top. Because my wife belongs to a village so she had not wear this before. So she refused to wear and she had a point that there was not any jeans top in the house. I said that she wore my jeans and shirt. She refused again and the discussion closed on that night. After some days when she went to her home for celebrating a festival we were chatting in the night on phone and I made my move and again said to her that I told her to dress in jeans . She said that she refused it earlier. I hardly insist her that I want to see her in jeans. So she had to dressed in my shirt and jeans for only fifteen minute. I forced her to do this and told her each time that I want to see her how she looked in my dress. At last she said that if I forced her to wear jeans then she also forced some dress to wear I knew what she mean but silently I said that I do anything for my wife if she dressed in the jeans. She said that the dress would be a saree. I was make my move again and said that this was not fair, how I dressed in saree. She thought that I refuse it and she had not to wear jeans. I said her that I told her it after thinking.
Next day the discussion on phone started with her laughter that I would be ready to wear saree if I want to dress her in jeans. I told her that I thought it whole night because it was the worst thing for me and decided that I wore saree because I promise to do anything for this. She was shocked from inside because she thought that I refuse it very easily but she did not know that I also want this. She did her level best after this for avoiding dress in jeans. She said that she did not dressed me in bra, panty saree,blouse and petticoat and did my make up like a bride mean everything including all nails painting. She memorize me also for jewelry like necklace, bangles, anklets, waistband, earrings, nose ring etc. Now I was in heaven because she did everything I want. Because she was hundred percent sure that I refuse it easily and she escape from jeans. But I said that because I did promise for anything so I could do all the things she want but she had to do one thing more if I dressed in all items. When I say yes, She had a feeling to dress me fully in saree so she also ready to hear my next condition. I said that if I dressed in these things then she also dressed same dress for the whole day. She agreed but with the condition that If I dressed in her saree for two hour then she did the same but If I was not able to dress it for two hour or I said her to undress the saree then I had to dance for her for one hour in same dress and also I had to do as she said for two hour. I agree on her codtion because my taget to dress in saree and because I dressed before in saree so I was confident that I would spend two hours in saree.
So the plot was ready and the day came when my wish would be true. She said that she dressed me first because it may take more than one hour. I was ready and also watched her and learn for the next time when I was alone. She choose one of her very heavy saree and it is in yellow color. I was just watching her she dressed me in bra and panty. After this she fill the cups of bra with the cotton balls. Then she tied petticoat extra tight and then blouse and its knots at back was also feel tight. Then my dreamy thing was saree. She dressed me in saree but she dressed me in right pallu saree. She did it because the most weight of the saree was in pallu. She added more pins to hold the saree in position.two pins for waist saree plate from inside and one saree pin from outside. One on right soldier and one for left for covering my head with ghunghat. One pin just below the bra cups and one behind at the backside for holding the last of the saree. Then she added a saree pin on the right soldier. Then she adjust my hair by adding clips and set the mangtika from one of her heavy set. After that she placed ghunghat on my head and pinned it with the clips. Now I feel the weight of saree and it was too heavy and I start feeling exhausted. I drank some water and set in front of dressing table for make up. She did eye liner, Eye shadow, mascara, kajal, for eyes and cream and face powder for face and then thick lipstick with lip liner and lip gloss. After that she paint my nails and said that its time for jewelry. Because my hand was big so she used soap for dressing me in bangles,twenty four set in each hand. After this clip dangling earrings and big nosering then heavy necklace and the heavy waistband of her marriage. After that the toe rings and heavy anklets. When it was complete she said me to do a walk of the room. When I started walking I felt the heaviness of all the things and I could not hold this properly. She came near me and add four or five safety pins at back or the front. Then she remove her mangalsutra and dressed me in it and then she used sindur for my head and made me the her wife for sometime. Then she ordered me to clean the room and I had to do it because of her conditions. When I was walking the saree hit downward in my lower leg and it was looking like a torture. Although I did my best for holding it for two hours but my confidence lose in early fourth five minutes. I said her to undress me but she said that according to the condition I had to dance. I knew it but being exhausted I fell down on bed for half an hour. Then I dance for her for one hour. Now my legs were in poor conditions so she undress everything and then she also dressed herself in jeans and shirt for fifteen minutes.
From this I made my dream true as I want but my wife was one number ahead from me and she did her fun like a boss. The next version would be come if it happen again in my life.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014


This story belongs to Deepu who was a normal guy and lived his normal life. His parents were dead in a bus accident when he was eighteen years old. Now he finished his graduation and searching a suitable job. Then one day I think its was the lucky or worst day of his life his life took a u turn that changes his whole life.
He went to a shopping mall and do shopping for him but his bad luck began from here. He saw a special mannequin of a girl dressed in bridal lahenga choli. It was looking like real. He came near the mannequin and touch her dress to see the price. Suddenly the mannequin fell on him and he fell down on the floor with the mannequin and unfortunately he broke the mannequin. His heart beat stopped for a while.Because this was broken by him the owner who was a strict lady of the mall call him about discussing about his fault.
She said him that he broke the very costly mannequin of the mall and it was import from Singapore. Also she told him that it was made by the special shining glass and its cost about 25 lacs. She asked him what he would do with the girl mannequin because he was not a girl or did not want to buy the dress. He replied that it was looking attractive so he want to see it from near. She said that because he was guilty So he had to pay the amount of the mannequin or she would do a case against him and he had to go jail. Deepu who was in the shock to hear this, fell down on the lady feet and told her about her condition that his parents died or he was searching a job. He told her that how much poor he is so how he could pay the amount. He requested her to be kind on him.
The lady thought for some minutes and said that she had a solution between them if he agree or he would go jail today. Deepu said that he would do anything but he did not want to go jail. The she said that the mannequin was insured so insurance company would give her the money. But he was guilty so she gave him a punishment that make him realize not to touch girl's items. Deepu asked about the punishment. She had a wicked smile on her face and said that he had to be a mannequin for one month and he would be the replacement of her antique mannequin. She said because he would not be stay still in a pose so she gave it a name THE LIVING MANNEQUIN. Because he had no choice so he had to do what the owner told. So he said that he would do from tomorrow so he asked the men's store for being the living mannequin. The owner lady laughed at him and said that he had to do it from now and she said about the replacement so he would not only be a living mannequin but also a girl mannequin.
Hearing this the earth slipped from his feet. He asked her how it be happen and it was a joke. She said that it was not a joke because he broke one of her girl mannequin so he had to be a girl mannequin and she had a modern beauty parlor and best beauticians of the city so they would make anyone pretty either a woman or a man. He said that he would not do this and requested to be kind on him. But the lady said that she be the kind as possible so he decided that he want to go jail or one month as a girl mannequin. Deepu has no choice so he agreed on the second condition.
Deepu requested to the lady to go his home for one hour. Lady agreed on this but she send a man also with him. After one hour he came back to the lady. Between this time owner lady told her beauticians what to do. The lady said that she told everything to the girls so she was also eagerly waiting about his looks after transformation. So beauticians took him with them and they were giggling on him. He felt humiliate with them.
One beautician took the filled syringe and said him to lay down to inject it. Deepu asked about the injection. The beautician said that it make him unconscious for tomorrow morning and she did not want any objection or physically irritation from him. He also need it because he also could not face it. She inject the injection in his arm and he be unconscious after some minutes.
The owner lady had a special interest on his transformation so she was with them. So the beauticians stripped him and then did his whole body shaving and waxing. After that the turn was about the body changes so they glued the fake boobs on his chest and a black hair wig on his head. After it owner lady said that they would not leave any marks on his body of manhood. So they glued also a fake vagina on his private parts. But not only the vagina also a shock instrument to control him recommended by the lady. It worked with the remote so the lady has the control. Now the time of his make up. Girls did his eye shadow, eye lashes,bleech and face foundation. After they trace his lips with lip liner and filled his lips with bright red lipstick. After that the lip gloss for his lips done. Now the turn of the dress. The owner lady select a dress for him. It was a bridal lehenga in white color. It was the one of her costly collections. They dressed him in bra and panty and then the lehenga and did his matching jewelry. The result was gorgeous and also beauticians could not believe how beautiful he was looking. When the transformation was complete they made him lay down until morning and put on him one inch sandles. When Deepu woke up he found himself in the chair and he was watching his reflection in the big mirror in front of him. He was shocked to see himself and stand up to watch himself in the mirror.

there was no sign of Deepu in the mirror and he would not know also that he was looking great in this attire.
The owner lady came to him and said that she told him that her beauticians were perfect but the fun part is that you would be like this for the month and between this time you have no mark of manhood in your body. She said that she glued all things like boobs,wig and vagina with the permanent glue and only she unglued it because she had the solvant of the glue. Now he had worried and feel the boobs and the vagina and realize that she was true. Now she said that she want to tell him the rules of her mannequin. First was that he had to stand a pose that she told like the mannequin. Second he had to smile everytime. Third was he had to be mannequin until the mall close and between this time he had total two hour brake in three time. And the last one that he had to obey her anything she told. After that she said that if he did not do these thing properly he would punish like this and she took a remote in her purse and push a single button in it. A shock wave ran into his body and the origin of this was his private part so its made twice shock in a time. He felt week only a shock. Now he knew the master key in her hand so he requested not to do it again and he would obey her everytime.
So the first command from the lady was to go with her and she would tell him what to do. She took him in the lehenga store. Deepu face difficulty in walking in heels and the weight of the dress. She told him how to hold lehenga. So when they reached the store she showed him to how to stand in  position and be smile always. Deepu did as she told. She addressed him as Deepa and said that she was watching him by the cam and if he did not smile,he would feel the punishment shock.
Deepu do as she said and thought where he was stuck and what would be the next...