Sunday, 16 November 2014


This story start from those days when I recently married and lived happily life with my wife. Me and my wife Disha often bet with each other and made our fun. I thought that was the best idea to do what we want. Sometimes it wouldbe very naughty and sometimes it would be sweet. The rules were simple that who won the bet say anything to do and the other had to do that.
The last time when I won the bet, I said to her that she would wear only undergarment and made dinner for us. So she had to do this because of bet but this made her emberrasing and angry. She said that I would prepare for the next task when won. I was not sure what she thinking but it was quite hard. Now after some days her turn also came and this time she said that I had to prepare a dance for her on a song told by her. I am shocked because I did not knew dance. I told her that I did not know dance so how would do the dance. She was smiling and still smiling. She said that she did not finished the bet now and I was still afraid. I asked what was rest part of the bet. I think it might some relax in the rest. But her words made me down to the floor. She said that I had to prepare a dance in ladies song and I also had to wear the ladies dress like lehenga.
I did not believe in my ears. Is she was serious? Yes she was serious and according to the bet I had to do this as she said. She gave me a song and I did not know how to prepare it. I did not know dancing and my ackward moves made her happy. I still said that she would do as she want. So the first thing she said to go into the bathroom and shave my body single hair in the drain. I asked that it's only a bet so why she did all the things including everything. Then she said that this was the payback of my bet to made her in bra and panty. I hardly did as she said. Then she dressed me in bra and panty. She filled the bra cups with water baloons. She said that it made me feel how looked the heavy boobs. After that she showed me a lehenga choli. It was looking in my size and I was with her when she bought this last week. If I knew that this was not for her but for me then I did not gave money for that. She said that this time the dress was quite good for dance. I said that her dress was a bomb for me if I wore. She said that I was lookin bomb in the dress. She did not hear anything and dressed me in lehenga and choli. The dress was red and looking heavy.First came the lehenga and it had a lot of work on it. After wearing it I felt the heaviest thing worn in my whole life. The choli had a long X patern lace at back and it's length was long but just some inch above on my navel. She tied it hard at my back as my boobs express a good shape.
After the dressing I said to perform but she smiled and said that I did not ready yet. I asked what was her mean. She said that I saw any girl wearing dress and did not have make up and jewellery. I knew what she mean but I said to pity on me and gave permission like that. But she said that I had to think this before the last bet. She said that according to the girls view I am naked without make up and jewellery. First she fixed a wig on my head and it was quite tight that it would not fall without touching it. Then she showed me dupatta and attached it with wig and adjust as looking good on me. Also dupatta was heavy but it would not matter now. After that she did a huge make up on me. I said her to told me every items she used on my face. She told me bleech, cream, maskara, eyelids, kajal, eyeshadow, setting eyebrows, lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss etc. After that she did my nail painting but I was afraid of it but she said that she removed it. I said that I want to see myself in the mirror but she said that I was looking cute as girl but I had to wait until she dressed me in jewellery. After that she used heaviest jewellery of her collection. Nacklace was heavy but it did not feel and the mangtika was quite good. The earrings made my ear painful because it was long dangling and heavy. She dress me in two heavy anklets because she said that she wants to hear more sound from my feet during the dance. after that she dressed me in bangles. At last a thin chain waist band. Now she said that She dressed me and took me in front of the mirror. I was surprised to see myself because I had no sign of my maleness in the mirror and it was hard to recognise that it was me.
After a long time it was the time of the dance but before dance I feel weakness in walking because of heaviness of the dress. So she play the song and I tried my level best but it was quite funny for her to see my dance. I knew it that she would be happy but I did not do this for bet because last last time I also feel that the bet for her was not suit her. After the funniest dancing session for her life I told her to undress all the things but she said that she had a surprise for me. I did not know what was it but she said me to close my eyes and grab my both hands and took it at my back and suddenly she handcuffed me at my back. Then she ran away from me and said that I would be like that for whole day. I said struggling in handcuffs that it was not the part of the bet. She said that it was her personal part. I was struggling and running towards her and she jumped and ran away from me. I had no emotions to show in that situation and how would I react on it but it was the happiest day for her and I was happy to see her happy

Monday, 6 October 2014


One day me and my sister alone in the house. Our parents went to other town for attending a marriage.My age is 14 and she was 18.  She called some of her friends in home for fun. For this I was a little angry on her because I did not use to watch TV or any fun because of she and her friends.
I was getting  bored so I asked my sister two times to watch TV but she ignore me completely. Then I shout in loud voice that I was feeling bored and I want to watch TV . This make angry to my sister because I shout on her in front of her friends. She said that if I was bored then play with them. I told that I am not interested to play her girly games. One of her friend asked to my sister what's wrong with me. My sis had a wicked smile and said that I did not want to play with them because I am not a girl. Her friend understood what my sister wanted. My sister said to her friend that each of us play a game in childhood dress up doll so today we have a doll to dress up.
When I understood something the girls grabbed my arms and then my sister told me that I was her doll and she dressed me in girls clothes. So she went to her closet and took out one of her old lehenga choli. It was blue and looking same size for me.Then all girls undressed me and first dressed me in bra and panty. Then dressed me in the dresse. The dress was heavy then she did my make up and put a wig on me. After that I was a toy for her and her friends. Then my sister said that now I did not bored and I have also play her girly games....
I got angry from her by dressing me by force and I tried to start undressing the dress but the girls saw that and tied my arms at my back with the dupatta of the dress. I start shouting for help but the girls said that they tied my mouth also if I shout. They played with me in the whole evening and when they went away I had to sleep in that dress in night.