Friday, 29 November 2013


I was exhausted for this and I slept for sometime. Next thing I knew that someone pour the water from a bucket on me and I suddenly awake with horrible surprise. I saw many girls in front of me and I knew what they want so I got up and headed to the ragging wheel again. I was thinking to break that wheel with a hammer but that was not possible. I spin it again and the result was the hardest from the past one. It was I had to dance. I was silent for sometime and said that how I dance because I never dance. But the girls said that I had to do as the wheel say. Because my dress was wet so they took me into the bathroom and gave me a bath. Then they took me in a room where they dressed me. They dressed me as a simple village type girl. The dress was red and its look like lehenga choli but its lehenga was short. I saw that type of dress in item songs of the movies.Then they add matching jewelry and did my make up. I was looking cute as a girl but I want to go out of this. After it they took me in the hall where they set the stage. They forced me on the stage but I stood still like a statue. Girls were hooting on me and I was shouting that I did not know dance. But who care for that. They started the song on woofers but I was still standing. Then one girl came on the stage and then she slapped me hard and said to dance like a girl. I said that I did not know dance first and like a girl it was disgusting. She said to dance as I could so either I dance or the girls would beat me. So I start dance as I could be. I do not know that girls took eggs and tomatoes with them. Because I did the worst dance ever they rewarded me with that by throwing on me. So this task was over early and I was again in hell. My dress was wet with broken eggs and tomatoes.
Again I had to bath and then they gave me pink nighty to wear. I wore that and slept. It was the bad day of my life but who knows that the next day was worst. Like previous day I thought that I had to go into the ground and pleased the girls from their new toy. But I was wrong because when I woke up the girls said that today was the last day of me in hostel so today there was no ragging wheel for saving me from them. I could not understood her mean. She said that it was easier to me that they were follow the ragging wheel task on me but today they were free for anything so be ready for us. I thought that ragging wheel was not bad challenge then what was bad for me. I saw ten girls surrounded me and they push me to the bathroom and said that now I would be the prettiest girl ever. They were waiting outside the bathroom and when I came out they started their work on me. When they did their work and left me in front of mirror I saw myself and they were right. The first time in three days they dressed me in saree. Some orange colour saree and blouse was matching to its border. First time I saw how beautiful a girls looks in simple clothes. My hair was tied in a ponytail and they add Jasmin flower in them. Earrings and necklace look beautiful,matching bangles and anklets which look heavier gave the tickling sound of my each moves. Girls said that now I had to show the shyness of a girl and be a complete Radha. I did not know what she say but shyness was came on my face. They went with saying that they would come in ten minutes till I enjoy my new look.The girls came back and said to be ready to go temple with them. Hearing this my feet began to walk back. But the girls ordered to come fast and not to worry because nobody could recognize me. I knew that she was right but I was fearing to be in the crowd. But as they want I had to go with them. The temple was half km from hostel so all of us went there on feet. I was feeling shame on me because when we reached there I saw the huge crowd there. Because it was Monday and the temple was of Lord Shiva so there were more people than other days. I saw a boy staring on me and gave some reactions on me. The girls said that it was a part of a girls life. We did worship in front of God and then we came back in hostel.
After coming back the girls gave me order to clean the room I used and said that
today I had to do the house work of girls. I cleaned the room but it was not over yet they gave me utensils to wash. I did that and I took an hour to do that. But the last thing made my day to feel humiliate. They gave me all clothes to wash that I used in previous days. Because I knew how to wash cloths so it was not a problem. The problem was the clothes because some clothes was very dirty as half saree of ground race because I fell down on the ground many times and the most dirty was the dancing lehenga choli because of eggs and tomatoes. So it take two and a half hour to do this. I was wet of doing this and I had to change so they gave me a salwaar kameez to wear and ordered to wash the wet saree also which I wear. I did that also and wore that salwar kameez. It was pink and white in colour. I was tired of washing clothes and Then girls dressed me in salwaar kameez. They rearrange my look and then gave me a card. After giving card they said that they left a saree in the shop yesterday and its blouse would be stitched for me so I had to go this shop and collect the saree and blouse from that shop. I was so confuse what they would wanted from me. I was comfortable because I knew that nobody would recognize me but I could not go alone. I saw at girls faces and I knew if I say no what would they do. So the fine thing for me that I do as the girls say either they did anything. So I went to the shop and collect the saree and its blouse. I passed through busy street and traffic jams but nobody meet me who say that I was a boy. Although some boys giving me their smile but I did not afraid. I came back in the hostel. I gave the girls the saree.
Girls said that they eagerly want to see how I looked in that. So they dressed me in the saree. The saree was actually beautiful. The violet color saree with golden border. After dressing me in saree and final touch up they took me in the hall. After that they add mangtika and Jasmin flower in my hair. Then They said that this saree was the gift of me from them for being gentle.  They also said that they knew that I learn the right things here and I would not want to come here again. Then they said that I would go from hostel of wearing this. I could not think what I hear. I asked them Where I was go in saree? But they said that its my problem because I could not go from hostel as a man. One girl came to me and put a bottle in my blouse and said that it was the solvant from which I remove my fake brests and wig. I start weeping because I did not know where to go. They gave me a ladies purse and said that my purse and other thing was in this. Girls came with me at the gate of the hostel and left me there.
I stay there of thinking where would I go. Then I decided to go to my friend room where he lived as paying guest. But he was five km away from there I took auto and reached there first he would not recognize me but when I told him he recognize me. He was laughing at me and I told him what happened in previous three days. He said that the girls was right that I would be a good Radha. Because its being dark so the market had been closed so I had to spend a night more in the saree. So next day helped me and went to the market to buy new clothes for me. Between this I removed all glued items by the solvant. After that I found my male clothes again and I knew what was the ragging wheel.....

Thursday, 7 November 2013


Because it was a rule that everyone follow the ragging wheel so I had to run. Girls took me into the ground and show me the racing track and said to finish this. The track had 400 m in one round so I had to run 800 m. They leave me on the starting point and All girls was waiting for my reaction in running. Finally I started running. It was the different experience. I thought that I complete it soon but During first or five step I feel a sensation in my body because my fake boobs were bouncing so It reduce my speed. Next thing that I had to lift the petticoat for proper running so I grab it with my both hands. My speed becoming low and the sound of anklets and bangles taunted me why I was here. One round complete and I need some rest so I stay there for sometime. Before I start to run one girl suggested to make it more difficult. I asked what was her mean. She gave me high heel shoes and said that I had to run with this. I said that I couldn't run with that because first time wearing high heels,it would be difficult to walk then how I ran. But they did not listen me and forcibly put me on in shoes. Then the girls said that I had to complete the round and because of shoes I had the choice that I complete it while walking or running. I fearly took the first step and this was a too difficult. After some step I could not balance myself and fell down and a huge laughter came from the girls. So in the end I complete the next round and I fell down three more time. It was quite difficult that I took half an hour to do it. The next thing to go to sleep. Girls arrange a room for. Me. A very girly pinkish room. They said not to think to ran away from there because I did it I would not remove the wig and breasts without them. Then they locked the room from outside. I had a sleep thinking that it would be end like a dream.
The next day was Sunday and they wake me up early in the morning and said that A first good morning for me as Radha and its exercise time because it make us fit. Then they gave me suitable clothes for exercise. I said that I couldn't undress half sare without their help.. So one girl came and said that she helped me only one time and then Radha had to undress itself. She helped to undress me and put me on shorts and T shirt. Then she gave me sports shoe to wear and tied my wig in a ponytail. After this she headed me to the ground. I saw there that all girls weere in the same pair of dress and shoes. Its looking like it was their sport dress. Girls were pinching me and playing with me for their fun. They hit me by football and volleyball. It was looking that I was a toy of them and they did anything that they want.
When their fun was complete I was again in front of ragging wheel and now I was horrified from this wheel because it decided what would I wear for today. So when I spin the wheel the number 1 came and The fold paper was decided that I would wear the salwar kameez. Then they dressed me in yellow salwaar kameez easily. Then I had to spin the wheel for the task or punishment. I did it and the number 5 and this was the worst punishment for me. The paper said that I had to do a ride in scooty more than five km in the city. This was a thing that I died to hear. I requested girls that I did not do that because I could not go outside in this dress. Girls which were laughing to see my task said that I had to do it because the rule is rule. They said that They would not help because I choose it with my hand.So they drag me into the scooty and said that I had to do this. They gave me fifty rupees and said that I would call them if I had any problem. But this was a trap. I thought that they were very helpful but they did a prank because after driving scooty 2km it stopped. I called them from a public phone which was nearby. Then the girls said that there was a little petrol so I had to fill it on petrol pump. I said that petrol pump was one km from here but they cut the phone. I knew that this was an emergency for me and I could not do in this situation. I could not call any friend and If I would go to the girls Then I did not free from my brests and wig. I was stuck in all side so I took the scooty on feet and I reached petrol pump and my body was sweating and I filled the petrol in scooty and drove it to the hostel. All girls were giggling on me and I was feeling shame on me. I thought that these girls were very bad but I could not do anything. But the evening was rest and I have two or three hour for rest.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


The story is from those days when ragging was on its height and no rule and regulation followed against it. I  am Shyam who was taking admission in B. Tech after my intermediate. The college was the best in the circle and Girls and boys study their together. I stayed in boy's hostel and It was the worst experience.
From the first day Our senior start taking ragging to the juniors. They told me their rule of ragging. First one when we meet any senior we had to give them respect by giving him ninty. Everyone call them sir and we had to third button in front of them. Next one we have to follow every order of them if they did not satisfied they would punish us. This was a quite difficult but the bad part of the ragging that all juniors had to gather everyday at 10 PM at the hostel roof where our seniors took our ragging at least two hour. Now I told you that I said the worst part. It was that after every Friday night they choose a junior of the week who did not follow their rule regularly. After choosing him the junior was sent to girl's hostel at Saturday to learn the respect and manner. Where girls ragged him in Saturday night, full Sunday and Monday and he was left by them in Monday night. So he had to take leave on Monday. It was a setting of our seniors to senior girls.
Four or five week passed and nobody told about the girls ragging but they said that there was a wheel of ragging and the wheel decided our punishment. The day Friday came and I was choose to send the girls hostel. I was surprise how I was choose and I requested to our seniors that I did not break any rules. But they were our seniors and they said that they hear me when I was talking about them in front of my room mates. I memorize the moment when I said them that we had to complain our head to stop ragging because we did not have rime for study. They said that I was not the first who had this idea but our head did not do anything for it. I accepted my destiny and ready to go the horror hostel of girls.
At Saturday evening at 6 PM my seniors call me into his room and gave me a Burka to wear. I asked about the reason of wearing it. They said that some senior girls picked me from outside of hostel but the gate security did not allow any boy in the hostel so I had to wear this. All we know that the Burka covered full body so I wore this. The last thing about footwear because its only thing that somebody see so they gave me a pair of ladies sandals to wear. This was going so rude but I had to follow my seniors. They gave me a tip that If I behave good than this was easy there. I was thinking that their planning were the best. So my seniors took me outside and there some senior girls were waiting for me. Because of their planning I had no difficulty to enter girls hostel.
After reaching at Girl's hostel they took me in the hall room and I was horrified inside. Several senior girls surrounded me and took a look of me. Now one senior girl came to me and said that she was Rashmi and I would call her mam. First she asked me some question like about my name,hometown and my background. Then she asked why I was in girls hostel. I answered that I misbehave with our seniors so they send me here. She slapped me hard on my face and asked again the same question. I said I did not know. She said they because I was a girl.
I did not understand about her words and I asked what was her mean I was not a girl. Then she said that then what I was doing in her hostel. Then she said that before the start to give him a lesson of good behavior, I had to be a girl first because Both of us did not want that the Wardon madam of this college saw me her. So the girls dressed me as a girl and I had to live as her cousin sister. She comment that my name is Shyam but I lived there as Radha. In the crowd of girls one girl said that I would be a good Radha because I had fair colour and good girly figure. I requested them to let me go because I did not want to be girl. But they said that its my choosen destiny. Then they took me at the corner of the room and show me a big wheel in which the number written from One to ten. Then She said that it was ragging wheel, I had to spin it for a number and the number decided what I would wear. They show me a bowl in which The ten fold papers were waiting for my dress. I spinned the wheel but I did not want to do it. It came number 8 and she gave me the paper and I opened that paper. The name of the dress was coming out Half Saree. So My first lady dress waiting for me. I start weeping because I did not want to do that. One girl came to me and slapped me. Then she said that she had no more time so that I had to do it right now because After one hour Wardon came and she would exposed me. Then all girls caught me and stripped off my all clothes. After that they start dressing me. Everything was going very fast. They took me into the bathroom and shaved my all body hair then I took a bath. After that I took in the hall by them. They laid me into the bed and then some girls grab my hands and some my legs. Then one girl sit on my stomach and said that because I was being a girl so this was necessary that I would be girl from inside. Then she glued fake breasts on my chest and a fake vagina. She said that the glue was too strong and only she removed that breasts and vagina. After that girls hold me in sitting position and she glued a wig on my head. After it completed girls dressed me in bra and panty and then in half saree.
Before I saw myself they pinned me to the bed and start my make up. When they leave me I found that they did my make up and jewelry. I saw myself in the mirror and I found a girly face in the mirror. Yellow and red half saree with make up,painted nails and the curly wig gave me a feminine look. Also matching bangles,a thin chain necklace,anklets and earrings gave me a feel of girl. Girls said that I was look like a cute beautiful Radha. But this was not the end.When it completed fully then the girls said that its time for my first punishment. I said that this punishment was sufficient for me. But girls said that this was the preparations only not the punishment. They said that this punishment was a physical exercise so I had to spin the wheel again and after spinning it number 2 came and when I open the slip I was shocked. The written words were to run two rounds of the ground.

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The married life is based on a trust with your wife so our story went to a town, there a married couple Sushant and Reema lived with a lovely life. Sushant was a owner of a company which was given as a gift of marriage by Raama's Father. According to the past Raama was very rich girl and she was attract with love feeling with Sushant in her party. Sushant was an architect and his father was good friend of Reema's father. So their marriage would be in a easy way.
Every thing was going good in their life before a incident came in front of Reema. She was going to shopping and she saw her husband with another girl in the park. First she was surprisingly shocked and then she called her husband and asked where is he. Sushant said that he was going to a meeting and he was in the car. As she knew that he was lying so she came back to her home and checkout the history of that girl and her husband by taking help of his friends. After that she got that they loved each other before their marriage. When she knew everything about them. Her husband was cheating her and the water was going above the head. But the problem of Reema was not decrease because she got a news from a inert source that Sushant was was in the process of giving her divorce and then married with that girl. Because the company was on Sushant name so he had no problem. Then Reema understood that he married her only for money.
Now the problem was what she do in this situation because she did not want that everybody know about it and she was searching a better solution of this. She told everything to her best friend Amrita and she gave him advise to meet a Tantrik of the town and he would gave her a better solution. So they both went to the Tantrik and told everything what happened to her and what she wanted. Tantrik said that this was a huge problem and he had no solution for this. But Reema started weeping in front of him. Then he said that he had only a solution of Role reversal if she wanted then he would told him. She asked about role reversal then he said that in this she would be her husband and her husband would be she,its only just mind swapping. It is only way that she stopped her husband ruining her life because she was in his body then she did exact what she want from him and her husband who was in her body couldn't do anything. Reema liked this solution so Tantrik gave her four pouch of a powder and said that be careful during use. He told her that she used it in milk,juice or water and after four hours the mind swapping complete but remember that he and she drank this powder in the same time. Two pouch is for two persons so he gave her four pouch of powder because When she realize that everything would be normal she reverse that swapping. So lets see that This mind swapping went to its peak or not.She did not show him that she know everything and the next night she did the same as the tantrik say to do. She mixed the pouch in the milk and they took it in the same time. After that they both went to the bed for sleep.
Next day in the morning when Shushant get up and found her wife was not in the bed. He felt some strange and then he saw that he was in night gown. He ran down to bathroom and saw himself in the mirror. He shocked to see her wife in reflection. He washed his eyes and again see but he saw same thing. He was confused that what was happening there. He could not control this. Suddenly the bathroom door open and he saw there Someone standing in front of him look like him. He asked who he was and it could not be happen. Reema who was in Shushant body came near him and touch his forehead and asked,"What happen darling,you are alright".
(From now Sushant was in Reema body so he preferred as she and Reema who is now Shushant prefer as he)
She said not to touch her and she was not Reema. He asked then who she was. She said that she was Sushant. Then He said that he is Sushant. Then she took him into the bedroom. Then he open the twist and said that he knew that Sushant was in Reema body because now Reema was in Sushant body. He said that he knew everything that she loved any other girl and she want to give divorce to him so he did this just a swapping bodies. Now he did everything right with his body. She requested to give her body back because he did not stay like this. But he said that if she got back his body then she did as she want so whenever he did not do all things right he did not gave her body back. Then he said why he gave him his body because she did not be a ideal husband and he would be and he felt strongness with this body so he would enjoy this. He said that she also enjoy her new body. She grabbed his legs to change back bodies but he kicked her on the floor and said that she deserved to be like that.
He said that if she want to live with him then she follow some rules and regulations. First she did not to allow to chat anyone so she did not allow to keep mobile,second he taught her how to become a good wife and other rules he told her later. But she was weeping continuously. He said that it was not her weeping time and ordered her to get fresh and take a bath with him.  It was just table change now. Because she never bath with me when she was male but A strong maleness in him attract on her. First time they bathed with each other and He did not want to miss any moment to humiliate her so first he undress her dress and made her in inner wear. It was new experience for her and she was realizing first time defenseless. Then they took bath and he usually grab her two or three time and she was pushing him but it was useless. After taking bath he said that he taught her how to dress but she wore all things from own because from this she would learn quickly. He gave her panty and bra. She wore panty but did not found the way to wear the bra. He taught her how to wear bra and how hukked the lace at back side. After that he gave her petticoat and blouse to wear. She tried to wear petticoat from bottom so she did not succeed. He advised him to wear it from top and it got success. Then she found again difficulty to wear blouse and he helped him in this also. Now he said that theses things were the short thing to learn but now the most difficult thing to wear saree. So he taught him everything about wearing saree.
When it completed he taught her how to make up and gave instruction about the make up. After that he gave her mangalsutra to wear and applied sindur on her forehead. He showed her look in the mirror and said that she would be looking like a good wife and he applied Jasmin flower in her hair and ordered to come with him in the garden....

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Best Punishment...

Saurabh was a guy who never care of his life. He understood himself as a rude and handsome guy of his colony. He did a number of times humiliated pranks on his neighbor girls and tolerate them by doing manner less activity, whistling and bad comments. The Girls complained to his parents many times but his behavior did not change. All girls wanted to changed him but how the did not know it. Some girls who are very upset from him because they were stuck in his fake love and he dumped them. There are six girls in numbers who were eagerly want to punish him. They did meeting among each other to decide how to punished him. The idea came that the best way to realize him how a girl feel when she was humiliate publicly. So they decided to give him a feel like a girl. One of a girl Nisha who has own shop of saree said that they stuck him in her shop at the closing time and in the night they dressed him in as a girl and humiliate him publicly. The idea was superb and all girls agreed on this but one thing was complicated that how he came to the shop.
This time Saurabh parents was useful to them. They chat with his parents parents and they said that the punishment was good. His mother agreed to take him in the shop at closing time. But his mother said that the plan was good but she memorize them that nobody recognize him and they did not hurt him physically. Girls agreed on this and they got what they want.
The decided day come and as planned,her mother took him to the shop. After the did shopping there was nobody except he and his mother in the shop. As planned his mother said when they were going out of the shop that she forgot one beg in trial room. Saurabh went inside the room and searching for the beg. Suddenly he realize that someone closed the door from outside. He shout for open the door but the Trial room was soundproof so his voice was not going outside. His mother went away to her home and he was locked in trial room. He locked inside for half an hour and then Nisha opened the door. He asked what was going on and who locked him inside. Nisha said that she locked the room. Before Saurabh asked any questions he had a beg over his head. Before he understand something,his arms pulled in front of him and he heared a soft click of handcuffs and it slipped into his wrists. Now his hands moved to up position as someone tied it to the roof by rope. Now the girls uncovered the beg from his head. After this he saw Richa,Swati,Megha,Ranjana and Kavita with Nisha. He understood that it was going some bad to him because all girls were like his enemy. He asked what they want and why they tied him like this. Richa came near him and grabbed his hair and pulled it badly. Saurabh shout hard and between this he pushed a handkerchief in his mouth and Swati taped his mouth with duct tape. All movement was sudden and Saurabh had no time to understand. Then the girls told him the plan. They said that every girls of the colony knew about his behavior so they took responsibility to punish him for what he did. They told him also about the punishment that they would think deep and found that if he could not be a good boy then he would be a good girl. Hearing this Saurabh began to struggle with his bonds but it was useless. Nisha said to him to be calm because a bad boy always be a good girl.
Saurabh felt that there was no way out from there. But his struggle become loud and girls had a big laugh on this.  Ranjana had a solution to make it more loud so she went to the next thing. He took a pair of scissors and start cutting the clothes of him. Here Saurabh struggle became larger and she disturbed of cutting. Ranjana pull his hair again and said to stop struggling either she cut his erect monster. But it did not work so on. So she did down his underwear and pretending that she cut his living monster. From this incident he would afraid and requested them to leave him because he did not want to be girl. He said that he learnt his lesson so please leave him. But the girls said that how they believed on him and the result was not positive if the punishment was not over so either he had to obey them until the morning or they would do it. After some time Saurabh stood naked in front of girls and he feel shyness and it looked on his face. Kavita said not to be shy because it was going to horrible night for him. Again the beg slid over his head and Saurabh was not able to see what was going on. He felt only as the girls directed. First the girls took him in the washroom of the shop and handcuffed him at back. They shaved all his body hair and then gave him a bath. Then the took him out of the washroom and then the dressing time continue. Now all girls worked on him at the same time and Nisha and Swati started to dress him in saree.They opened his handcuff for dressing him. Because of the beg Saurabh could not see what was going on. Girls dressed him in bra,panty,blouse,petticoat and the saree. After when it complete again Saurabh was in handcuff with arms back and then they uncover the beg and in very quick time they blindfold him as he could not see himself. After that they did his make up and then some light jewelery. Then the put him on a wig and girls giggling sound was become loud.When he was ready they untied his handcuff and mauth gag and push him in trial room to see how he was looking. They locked the door from outside and Saurabh opened his blindfold. He felt a electric shock when he saw himself as a girl. Girls dress him in white saree in which the red palka dots all around and he was looking darling in that. All of his nail painted and a bright lipstick gave him feminine look. Because of his fare colour and the girly wig gave him a full attire of a girl. The clip earrings and bangles were moving in each moment with thinking sound and the shyness of him gave him a crual death.He knocked the door to opened it and girls opened the door and asked him about their work. But Saurabh voice was stuck in his throat to see himself like this. He was not able to talk. He sat in a corner and waiting the next thing the girls wanted.
 But girls leave him for an hour to enjoy. They sat besides him and start humiliate him. Kavita said that now they had to put his giry name like Saurabh to Surabhi. Nisha said that he had not to be relax because the punishment was about to start. Saurabh had no mood to talk so he still be quite.
Its had two hour for the morning so girls start their work again. They blindfold him again and undress him and dressed him in green saree with matching jewelry. But this time they start his punishment. So they glued his wig to his head,the bra laces,petticoat knot,blouse back laces. So only girls knew that he did not put off the dress. For the extra touch they also glued the saree pallu to the blouse of his left soldier. After that they opened his blindfold. He was looking as usually gorgeous in green saree. There were five hours left for opening the shop so all girls and Saurabh had a sleep for some time. When one hour left for opening the shop Nisha wake him up and freshens his make up again. Then she said that the new girl Surabhi did the worship of God in the shop. They did all preparation and Saurabh had to do it.
After that she said that now his last and worst punishment was going to start. She showed him some flower mala and the punishment was that in every half hour, he had to choose a male and put him on these mala in his neck. This time Saurabh brak his silence and said that he would never do it. But Nisha said that she did not asking him,this was the punishment and he did not allow to talk. Suddenly a handkerchief insert by girls in his mouth and then Nisha open the tube of glue and forcely glued his lips. After some time he realize that what was it. His lips did not be apart and he had a muffed sound from his mouth. Then Nisha said that so there we were, So Surabhi has only a option to do as we say. She also said that she did not told him the surprise that she glued his lips with strong glue and she also applied it on his dress so he had no way to put off the dress. If he did not do as told she would tied him and put him at the place of her shop main statue and hanged a board on his neck that he was a boy and he was punished by the owner for his bad deeds. Saurabh had to say no but muffed sound came from his mouth. Then Nisha said that as he knew that his mom left him here so she would come in three hours and she had the solvent to remove the saree from him if she want. After that she took many pictures with him and  the new girl Surabhi start his punishment and did as the girl said.
After three hour his mom came and laughed to see his son on that condition. She said to the girls that she did not know that he would be looking more beautiful. She always wanted a girl and they gave her a beautiful daughter. So his mom kiss him on his forehead and Saurabh had tears in his eyes to see his mom but the punishment get successful because now Saurabh lived as Surabhi because her mother dressed him like girl each week for a day...